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I am a professional photographer who grew up in Sweden residing in Downers Grove, Illinois. I am a passionate photographer with a specialized niche in Real Estate photography. Being a Real Estate photographer is a very personal job for me. Each time I step into a new house, or an old home, I respect the space I work in because each house is a home, and each home has a story to tell. That story is something I capture through photography. By showcasing the architectural design and pure artistry of a house, I not only capture the story of a home, or the contemporary designs that an architect worked tirelessly to fill, I also help agents market their houses properly by using quality images that captures the viewers’ interests. Attention to detail is key.

Real estate agents benefit through me because I publicize properties they are selling through my professional social media platforms. This not only benefits their business, but mine as well. As a photographer, exposure to more and more business is never a bad thing! Photographing real estate property enables me to be part of the intimacy that these homes have maintained. The original homeowners have created a relationship with their space, and I wish to create a relationship that bridges both their real estate agent and myself to accomplish their goal: to sell their property.

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